How To Get Free Hosting For A Website

Like domain names, getting hosting for the website is also necessary. If you don’t get hosting, your website might not get viewed online. So it’s very crucial to get hosting for your website. Also, hosting makes sure that the website is visible, authentic, and safe for visitors.

However, some newbies (mainly students) find it difficult to get hosting for their websites because they do not have enough money. They are in starting and learning phase, so they are looking for ways to get free website hosting. That’s why we bring this article to let you know the best available options.

Ways to get free website hosting

There are multiple methods to get free hosting for a website, but every method has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this blog post, we will talk over the most prevalent and widely used methods for getting free website hosting.

‌By using a Free Hosting Service
‌Using a Free Website Builder
‌With the help of GitHub Pages
‌Using a Cloud provider

1. By using a Free Hosting Service

To get free hosting for your website, you can take the help of free hosting services. You can find several such hosting services on the internet. However, this kind of free hosting service provides you with limited bandwidth and less storage capacity, shows its own ads, etc. Also, you cannot use a custom domain with such sort of hosting services.

That’s why such types of free hosting services are not a good option for high-traffic or business websites. Moreover, the support system is comparatively less trustworthy than the paid hosting services. Still, it’s a better alternative for small websites and personal blogs.

Now let’s see some of the top examples of free website hosting services.

i) 000webhost: 000webhost is powered by Hostinger and is mainly popular because of the facilities it provides. It offers you ad-free hosting with around 300 MB of disk space. Along with this, it also gives you several free templates and an easy installation process.

ii) Awardspace: Awardspace is among the top free hosting providers. It gives you a little more storage, up to 1 GB, and gives one domain and three subdomains. Also, it gives a one-click CMS installer and ad-free hosting for your website.

iii) InfinityFree: InfinityFree is one of the most preferred options when it comes to getting free website hosting. Here you will get ad-free hosting with unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

iv) FreeHostia: FreeHostia provides slightly more reliable hosting services and gives high-level security. It offers 250 MB of storage and 6 GB of bandwidth with several free templates.

2. Using a Free Website Builder

If you are also a newbie and need more technical knowledge and still want to create a website, then website builders are the perfect option for you. Few website builders, like Wix and Weebly, provide free plans that contain free hosting.

However, such sort of plans may have restrictions in terms of storage and customizability, still a profitable alternative for newbies. Moreover, they give in-built templates, a few editing options, and other features that make it effortless to build a website.

Regardless, such kind of free plans is not appropriate for high-traffic and commercial websites. It may be because this type of plan has limitations regarding custom domain names, bandwidth, ads, storage, etc.

WordPress, Weebly, and Wix are some of the best examples of free website builders that offer you website hosting at no cost.

3. With the help of GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages is like a blessing for all those who don’t have enough budget to get a paid hosting plan as it allows you to host static websites like blogs on GitHub’s servers at no cost.

GitHub pages also allow custom domains, yet, it doesn’t support dynamic websites. Furthermore, you will not get the support and uptime of the level that you can get by using a paid hosting plan. But remember, if you are going to build a high-traffic website, then you should buy a paid hosting plan.

4. Using a Cloud provider

Google Cloud also lets you host your website at no cost. But, like other free ways to get website hosting, this method is also satisfactory for small websites. Moreover, you can only host static websites for free. Like other free hosting options, here also, you cannot avail the benefits of all the features that a paid hosting plan users get.


So after doing proper research, we have presented you with some of the best ways to get free website hosting. But if you want to build a more professional and high-traffic website, then choosing a paid hosting plan would be a better option.

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